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Do I Really Need An Alarm System?

Author: Tom Norris

Burglary Crime Figures TBurglary is one of those awful crimes that stays on the mind many years after the act. It would also appear that the older you are the harder it is to forget the intrusion and violation of private living space.

It’s may be easy enough to replace the stolen goods and effect the necessary repairs providing you have the money but how do you go about repairing the physiological torment suffered by the victims of burglary long after the event?

Getting burgled is a shocking experience as it brings fear into our lives and removes the peace and tranquillity that we may have had since childhood...

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Can I Get My Alarm System To Contact My Mobile In The Event Of A Problem?

Author: Tom Norris

Mobile Phone Alarm CheckAbsolutely yes. Mobile phones are now used extensively within the security industry to notify and to control all kinds of alarm systems.

Your burglar alarm can be programmed to call or text any set telephone numbers using a land line or a mobile for any number of events.

You can even have the system tell you when you have visitors or a car in your drive. In fact you can even use you mobile to view your CCTV system any time it’s triggered or whenever you feel like it...

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